The intention for this workbook is to assist you in becoming a self healer. This workbook will give you the tools and the resources you need to do your own healing around your father. You don't have to have a bad or lack of connection with your father to heal around him. Every single person has some healing to do around both of their parents. It's just a matter of seeing our childhood for what it was and not blaming or judging it.


This workbook is broken into sections of information and worksheets. We will start with a breakdown of the connection with our father and its impact on our perception of masculine energy. Then we move into remembering our childhood and the role our father played. We will breakdown why he was the way he was by looking at his life. We will gain an understanding of what happened and why but that will not heal us. It will merely give us a clearer picture. We will end by getting to a place of gratitude for the traumas that have happened. 


Second Edition