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Self-healers journey

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The Self-Healers Journey

Every person is more than capable of healing themselves from anything they are going or have gone through. You can do it all by yourself no need to see an "expert" or a "healer". Sisterhood Aligned is here to assist you by giving you the tools and support you need along the way. You will define your journey, but there will be sisters cheering you on along the way from the sideline. WE BELIEVE IN YOU.

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Meet the Creator

Alexis Alexander

Teaching has always been a passion for me. The information I teach is based on my healing journey, the knowledge I received from assisting people one on one, and the insight I received from my ability to channel the higher realms. My Intention is to bringing information out to assist people in healing their inner worlds. I am here to tell you; you can heal yourself without any outside influence, and By doing so, you can become a truly sovereign being. I hope to give you the tools and the confidence you need to know that you can do this.